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your attention to a headline. the new york city marathon has been canceled. this according to our affiliate wnbc which, of course, is a local news station here in new york, so the new york city marathon has been canceled. we will have more on this story as we have it but, again, this was a very controversial call made by mayor bloomberg to hold it despite with what's going on with hurricane sandy. this is what we know so far, the marathon has been canceled here. so interesting developments here as we continue to track this story and we'll bring you more on this. we're going to take a short break here for now but stay tuned. much more "options action" straight ahead. and you don't want to miss it with thinkorswim by td ameritrade. you get knock-your-socks-off tools, simple one-click orders, real-time paper trading to hone your skills, plus anytime you need it support. ♪ stocks, options, futures, and forex. get your trading on track. thinkorswim by td ameritrade. trade commission free for 60 days, plus get up to $600 when you open an account. >>> got you. >> breaking news at this
from the metropolitan transit authority. that's the agency in charge of mass transit in new york city. look at the destruction there. that is the brooklyn battery tunnel flooded almost to the ceiling there. there's one of the subway stations close by. >>> mayor bloomberg, governor cuomo are touring the damage today and we will be following along with them. >>> now, even if your house an car are okay, what can you do? gasoline supplies are running low for cars and generators. coming up, we're going to map out the system to show you where the real bottleneck, the problems are. >>> and, advice from new orleans to new york. they've been through this before in the port of new orleans. what are the lessons they learned and how can it help here in the new york metropolitan area? >>> sue herera is off today. simon is in and at nyse. >> this is a good rally that we've got on the back of the economic data that came through today in advance, importantly, of tomorrow's employment report. you see this we are off our highs but it is still triple digit. volume is good. the volume yesterday actually
back to normal. and between news for the 26 mile new york city marathon will proceed as planned this sunday. >> so welcome back, everybody. the pictures and stories left from the storm's after math are still jaw-dropjaw-dropping. let's begin with scott cohn in lower manhattan. >> larry, hurricane sandy sent about 4 feet of water in the financial district and they think it actually may be a total loss, about $300,000 worth of damage. and they don't know if insurance is going to cover it. you multiply that by thousands of businesses and you begin to get a sense of what the problem is. and then there's the issue of getting around and getting gas. mary thooyor thompson has that . >> people with been waiting in line two to three hours. there's a shortage of power to open other gasoline stations. a lack of electricity plaguing the tri-state area. >> dangerous conditions at the gas terminal which is crucial. workers here trying hard to clean things up, but tough to do so without power. over to jackie deangelis for more on the utility side of things. >> nearly 4.5 million customers stil
questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. >>> welcome back. the new york city marathon steps off as planned this sunday and preps are under way for the more than 47,000 runners expected to show up and participate despite much of the city still without power. brian shactman joins us with an update on preps. brian? >> reporter: hey, scott. right behind me they have had trucks coming in all day long, supplies, food, equipment, police coming through with barricades. it's just a huge endeavor and i want to reset for people how big it is. last year they had 47,000 runners. 8,000 volunteers, 1,000 staff, and 340 million in economic activity which is pretty much why they're still running the race. another reason, thousands of runners came here just for the race and they spend a lot of money. we saw so many runners this morning, most of them were foreign. they weren't oblivious to the situation but they didn't waver in wanting to run. so many don't want them to run. images like these generators are part of the problem. they're for the marathon but they could be used for
filled with fury, michael bloomberg gave into the criticism and canceled the ing new york city marathon scheduled for this sunday. let's go live to cnbc's brian shactman with the latest. good evening, brian. >> reporter: hi, larry. as late as midafternoon mayor bloomberg was adamant that the race would go on. preparations were moving forward from the equipment to people signing up. but basically the negative momentum swung actually early this morning with the publication of a front-page article in the "new york post" about the huge generators that were being used to power the new york city marathon in central park. there was actually a third generator sitting idle. all three of those could have been used for recovery efforts. well, it exploded on twitter and facebook and eventually public figures came and spoke out against this. this afternoon, later in the day there were meetings and major bloomberg, canceled, didn't postpone but canceled the marathon. here are some of the statements from the mayor's office. while holding the race would not require diverting resources from the recovery
there in times square, in new york city. but there's a look at the dow. as the fed chairman speak, we'll break down the headlines. we'll talk to the traders and get their outlook, also, stick around for the bottom of the hour. bar ra is going to make some comments as we lays out in greater delay these charges of what he calls the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever. in the united states. as you take a live look there at that podium in lower manhattan. we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we not only honor the oval office, but we honor the cubicle, and the home office as well. because today it's about all of us. and no matter who you are, you're the commander-in-chief of your own life. ♪ boproductivity up, costs down,f thtime to market reduced... those are good things. upstairs, they will see fantasy. not fantasy... logistics. ups came in, analyzed our supply chain, inventory systems... ups? ups. not fantasy? who would have thought?
and let me make this thing up close and personal. new york city mayor decided yesterday you needed three people in your car to cross over the east river to get from mat hat tan to brooklyn. you can beat the edict if you crossed over before 6:00 a.m. i set off to find some place to get internet access, electricity and a little wireless. i first tried the new york city stock exchange. they had electricity but that was it. so i started the trek north where i could get back on the grid. i walked a block, then two. and we came upon a park, the site of occupy wall street. i got three bars on the iphone and four bars on the verizon air card and a guy selling hot coffee. maybe they were walking dead post apocalyptic world of scant resources that was lower manhatt manhattan. the surprise came from the chinese purchasing manager's number. a string of disappointing figures from the totally more abundant economy. but we didn't get it. you got your first chinese guide up, not guide down. the best of the year. this was just joyous. no one was looking for this. suddenly i didn't care. here was a number
. >> bill, apparently the show must go on. new york city marathon will still go on despite all the devastation and suffering still happening around new york. a key city official is now breaking ranks from mayor bloomberg and calling for the race to be canceled. he'll join us next. >>> also, don't miss nbc's sandy benefit concert featuring spring seen, bon jovi, christina aguilera among many others. all proceeds will be donated to the american red cross relief earths. that's tonight. you'll find it here tonight on cnbc. in fact, all of the nbc kmachans will carry it beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. stay tuned. aspirin, really? i haven't thought about aspirin for years. aspirin wouldn't really help my headache, i don't think. aspirin is just old school. people have doubts about taking aspirin for pain. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. what's different? it has micro-particles. enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of pain.
't go anywhere, fast money begins now. >>> live from the nasdaq markets in new york city's times square. this is "fast money." stocks kicking off november in rally mode. the nasdaq and s&p 500 rising more than 1% a piece. that's the first time that happened since mid september. better than expected data from china, the u.s. helping to give a boost with stocks across the board. and tech, a bright spot in today's session with notable moods. it's interesting, you go from the month of october where tech was the worst performing sector and moved into november and how quickly things changed. >> it felt like the first of the month, i'm not making light of it, i think that's a lot of what's going on. tech clear, microsoft performed well. intel to me, the most interesting one. finally catching a bounce for no apparent reason. here we are again at 1425, give or take, that was support on the way down a couple times. it's resistance on the way up. and here we are right now, my inclination is to stave this move, we'll know more in 12 to 14 hoyers from now. >> the semiconductor up 3%. it's almost as
several days, getting new york city back on it feet, meeting two pair mount challenges. restoring mass transit and electric power to areas where it's been disrupted. mta did a phenomenal job of getting subway service restored and i want to thank governor cuomo and the mta chairman for deciding to wave the fares on all subways and buses through tomorrow. it was the right decision. wish they'd do it all along. unfortunately, they can't until shelley silva comes up with another way of funding them, but i would never say that here when shelley's standing next to me. >> we've been listening to michael bloomberg give an update. saying the death toll in new york has reached 37 people killed. he says that number may in fact go higher in his words, the full toll of the storm is still merging. in terms of updating the city, there is limited subway service back in operation today in manhattan. that's helping get folks around a bit. cob ed who spoke earlier on "squawk on the street" saying they hope to have in manhattan with underground power restored by saturday. those with aboveground lines coul
'll do a channel check just outside new york city next. wait until you see what's going on. it is absolutely horrible. >>> plus, gasoline tanks running dry. people actually strategizing when and where to fill up in the new york/new jersey area so they can make it to work on monday morning. we'll tell you when relief will be coming on the gas story. >>> speaking of relief, be sure to watch nbc's special concert benefitting victims of sandy. the lineup includes bruce, billy joel, jon bon jovi, christina aguile aguilera, and sting. the action kicks off here at 8:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. back in a moment. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> welcome back. superstorm sandy resulting in something we really haven't seen since the 1
the massive new york city aquarium based in brooklyn. the death toll from the storm nearing the 100 mark. despite the damage in atlantic city, that town's famous casinos are open again and they are conflicting reports about when power will be restored in manhattan. hundreds of thousands still in the dark but con ed hopes to have them back online this weekend. >>> pse&g, new jersey's largest utility, still has 1 million customers without power. the company has 60 switching stations. workers have been scrambling to clean them up. a team at the essex switching station in newark has been working for 48 straight hours. it is painstaking work as you can see right there. >> to the lowest level they're taking every little screw out of a terminal strip, cleaning the terminal strip with a wire brush, cleaning the terminal on the end of the wire with a wire brush, spraying it with oil. spraying it down with oil, wiping it down and reattaching it. >> that's being repeated presumably thousands of times across the entire pse&g and other con ed systems. they expect the station in essex to be back onlin
, that stock's going down. of course they own a big chunk of the borgata in new york city. another miss here for avon products, that stock opening down as well. jim, i just want to let you know that the ceo here, telling me earlier that he believes power may be restored down here or in this immediate area, by tomorrow. if that's true, they could talk off the backup generators although those backup generators have been -- >> the whole way, this place is operating, it was operating before. it was kind of like the walking dead when you came down here a couple of days ago, you felt like the walkers were around but the new york stock exchange. >> i know everybody's talking about china and i bumped into ira harris and what many find amazing is the expectations of their pmi, the one that was bumped at their market h was spot on. they guessed it at 50.2. itch question look at our data this morning, atd it's a bit confusing, i'm looking at the methodology, the revision, but it really takes away some of the thunder, but if you look at a 30-year intraday. you can look at the 8:15 eastern data was relea
in the u.s. we'll head out to new york city later in the show for a preview of what to expect on wall street today. and more than 2,000 hand picked chinese delegates gathered at the great hall of the people to kick off the communist party week long transition. beijing will only officially reveal the next generation leaders thursday. hu jintao promised political and economic reform, but he stressed china won't abandon one party rule and will stick to the socialist path. eunice is live for us. this is his big final speech, so reading in sort of between the lines almost is very telling. it's the legacy he's trying to cath. and what less gassy is that? >> many here believe what he is saying is significant in that it is his final farewell. he really was just reading through the work report to talks about the achievements, the economic and political achievements that the party has had. and also to outline the future challenges. one of the first challenges you had already addressed is the issue of corruption. he said the government needed to do more to root it out. >> eunice, we're having tr
with representative gregory meeks, a democrat from new york city. mr. meeks, welcome and congratulations on your re-election. >> thank you, tyler. good being with you. >> let's talk about the fiscal cliff a little bit. what specifically would you be willing to yield on of the things that are very important to you to help us avoid the fiscal cliff? >> i think that conversation that everything's on the table is on the table. for me, it has to be balanced. we have to make sure that there are some things very important to me, like i'm sure there's some things important to my colleagues. you can't have it i know i have been talking to my constituents and letting them know that pain is going to be on the way but it has to be emquickable pain. for me, i'm with the president. everything is on the table, we have to talk, can't be why where it is one-sided and somebody tells me it has to be all cuts and no revenue. >> has anything, mr. meeks, really changed. ♪ president won re-election, he would say that is a vindication of his position. but at the same time, we have a balance of power here, a tricameral,
" adding to pressure on the stock. "the new york times" reporting that san francisco city attorney dennis herera sent monster beverage a letter saying you need to substantiate your claims that drinking large amounts of monster are indeed safe. he also asked them for evidence to back up their slogan can never get too much of a good thing. m monster has been under pressure. it's been linked to potential deaths of kids who have drank too much of the stuff. monster denies that obviously. still a new story in "the new york times" today about the san francisco city attorney adding pressu pressure on mnst. >> it should be drink monster responsibly or something. >> reporter: i think it's like alcohol -- i don't want to give an opinion on this. the san francisco city attorney is saying, hey, you have a claim that you can drink as much as you want and it's safe, prove it. that's it. >>> the euro hitting a three-week low. will the trend it continue with the election on tuesday? we get to our money in motion segment. camilla sutton joins us from deutsche bank. will the dollar strengthen or be weaker
one hour and an awful lot to to get to. >> new york city still struggling to right itself after monday's super storm. one stap he have the big apple will return, the mta will resume partial subway service on 14 lines. la guardia airport will also reopen at 7:00 a.m. with limited service. amtrak says it will try to restore service to penn station come friday. >> homes in bay ahead are seriously damaged or destroyed. president obama got a firsthand look with governor chris christie yesterday afternoon. >> and danielle lee joins us, she's in the town of toms river. and we know this is one of the hartest hit areas. with you tell us how extensive the damage is? >> all of those popular summertime vacation communities are cut off from society. and there are stand reminders, bits of people's lives ripped to shreds. people here beginning a third day without power. millions of people throughout the state have no power. they are really getting ready to get back to life as normal. many walking around just wanting to get over to the jersey shore, those that have being a straighted, straigh to see w
this neighborhood where i am here in lower manhattan and new york city. once again we're talking about storm surges. as a matter of fact, there are almost no restaurants open down here. when i was walking down to the exchange, it was starting to snow a little bit. the wind is picking up because another nor'easter ishitting the area right now. meteorologist todd gross is tracking this storm. >> this won't be as bad as last week but the snow is a big wild card as i've been telling you for the past couple of days. it is just pushing in right now. you can see it from boston down through new york city to philadelphia. mostly snow, just inland from the coast and mostly rain right on the shorelines. several problem spots. first of all, just south of boston. not only very windy but a big storm surge coming in there later this afternoon. and again at high tide later tonight. also out on the eastern tip of cape cod, out towards nantucket, winds already to 55 miles an hour likely to gust to 60. so some damaging winds there. then there's that new york city vicinity area in terms of the snow. it's a big wild ca
area surrounding new york city. it's becoming a major headache for many commuters in one of the most densely populated areas of the country. mary thompson at a gas station in new jersey where some drivers are waiting up to a number of hours to fill up. >> that's right, bill. all day we've been showing our viewers the long lines that have formed here at the vince lombardi rest stop in ridgefield, new jersey. we've been here since about 4:00 in the morning. since then, there's been a steady stream of cars lined up. it might take you 25 minutes to get gas traveling south. if you're traveling north, it can take you up to two hours, as it did for clarence lewis. >> it's horrible. lines long everywhere. ran out of gas once. survived it. got back on the road. then got up early this morning, like 7:00, to get over here to get gas. >> the reason you can't get gas, gas stations can't get power. without power, they can't pump gas. if they have power, they may not have gasoline because they've sold out and can't get their tanks refilled. that's because the storage terminals are without power too
to fix new york city's broken subway system. millions of people are still without electricity. let's check in with sandy cutler, find out more about the quarter and where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim. it's good to be with you this evening. >> i have a customer base that is without power, in other words, eight million people without power. it would seem that the most natural call to make is to this new combined eaton-cooper to get that power back to people's homes. >> yeah, there's no question, jim. it's pretty basic. water and electricity don't get along real well. when you mix it with wind, it leads to terrible conditions people are having right now. we're anxious to help. a lot of our products will be used to getting important connections to people so they've got light and heat and power in their homes. >> i think people don't know the name eaton at home. the people in the industry do. could you tell someone sitting there waiting for power to come on where you intersect with the grid, both cooper a
in new york city. you'll want to hear it as groupon shares are down more than 80% year to date. some reports out there that the board may be looking to replace him. you'll hear from mr. mason himself. as well, we'll head to the pits to find out why gold is down sharply today. >>> first j.c. penney shares are higher. can the holidays help improve its image and stock price? we'll have the fierce debate when "halftime report" comes back. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one series from brother. easy to use. it's the ultimate combination of speed, small size, and low-cost printing. those surprising little still make you take notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to
with new york city subways offering limited service starting today. the m tcta is waiving all fees until tomorrow. so good news there. >> we're looking for any good news so thank you. the eye of hurricane sandy has hit the jersey shore hard. it wiped away entire economies. president obama surveyed the damage with chris christie yesterday. this morning kayla tausche is in toms river, seaside heights. what's it look like there? >> reporter: it's very dark here. we're at the mouth of the bridge which leads over to sea sooid heights, a road only accessible by emergency vehicles and that will be that way for the foreseeable future. but here's the state of sandy recovery in new jersey. the death toll has climbed to 14 in the garden state. nearly 2 million residents are still without power. and over 4,000 people remain in shelters here in new jersey. there's actually a big shelter here nearby in toms river. one of the onlien wog in the state that actually allows pets, so you can imagine how crowded that one is. but here recovery will be a long process. for residents who live here full-time or f
being held. the food bank for new york city so obviously two groups very involved with helping our men and women in services as well as recovery from hurricane sandy. all right. a big week, jim. holding steady here. >> a major rollover. i heard that talk more than i heard in some time. >> you talk about big macro risk on, risk off plays. dollar index above 200 for the first time since september 7th. this notion, jim, that if governor romney wins that the fed serves and bernanke leaves early. do you believe any of that? fed policy pivots around who wins? >> we go back to a tighter money situation. i think that whether you like it or not, there's a lot of people that feel that's good for everything. i think what is such an interesting moment is i always come back to individual stocks. we talk about retail. we talked about housing. these have made major comebacks and those stocks are either at or well exceeded where they were before it began. i think that's a factor of bernanke more than a factor of obama. >> a lot of people said the fed will have to be more clear how they respond to bett
market site in new york city's times square i'm melissa lee. these are the traders here and in beautiful los angeles. stocks eking out gains as traders wait on washington. a flashing red warning sign emerging for the consumer. shares of yum brands taking a hit on the warning on the outlook for china. what does this mean for the other multinationals. this is much more than a single stock story because yum is looked at as a barometer for china growth. >> this year as mcdonald's was signaling that china was weakening we are seeing sales trends weaken. yum was doing fantastically in both regions. yum gets it disproportionate from the sales. and a lot of investors were wondering how these guys were bucking the trend for so long. to me this is a little curious. just gave guidance on october 10. to me they may have a bit of a credibility problem. the other one we were talking about is tiffany's. they have downgraded yesterday and that was also based on china. you are getting it on both sides of the spectrum. >> that is a great point in terms of their guidance. that is what caught the markets by
to waste management's facilities right outside new york city, and boy, they have been starved for guys dumping stuff. this is going to be huge for their business. the stock has done absolutely nothing but has a great yield. i say go with waste management. okay, it's all about leadership. not in washington, but in the boardroom! good stocks. i'll help you find them no matter who wins. "mad money" will be right back. >>> coming up, business on the ballot? on the eve of an election, the nation waits to see which candidate will rise to the occasion. cramer's not waiting for anything. tonight, he's breaking down which stocks could be most impacted by the vote. and how to position yourself before polls close. and later, energy opportunity? in the wake of bp's horrific disaster, the company took drastic steps to keep its business from failing. selling off assets at bargain prices. he's got a list you won't want to miss. >>> plus, gain from hain? sending the stock up over 50%. but will the gain soon turn into pain? or can this all natural stock continue to build you healthy returns? cramer is
the playing field. "fast money" starts right now. >>> and live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square i am mandy standing in for melissa lee. here are tonight's top three trades. retail mobility. the whole weekend was an online shopping event. and hain fights back. we have the ceo on the show with his take plus cliff hanger. it is the cloud hanging over investors. should you be encouraged by the latest comments out of washington. let's get to the top story. should you be betting on some of the tech names? you have facebook, yahoo all getting upgrades. should you be buying to the rebound. grasso, goldman sachs is saying conviction for yahoo. >> yahoo i agree with. for me facebook was a buying opportunity based on technicals. yahoo is in an improve me stage. 19 is real resistance. marissa may erwhen she came back six hours after having a baby she came back. to me that was -- >> i'm looking for paternity leave these days. >> you have to go to norway for that one. >> it is a tremendous story. they are investing. they are buying more opportunities. they still have competitio
. >>> president obama in new york city touring the aftermath of new york sandy right now. meanwhile, the first pieces of data that show the economic impact of the storm are coming out. >> i was on a fishing trip on monday out of long island. i got a tour of some of this damage. it's just unbelievable what's happened out there. the docks are moved and the piers one to the other. there's boats in people's backyards. and in its own way, some of that is beginning to show up in the data. this massive storm that hit this huge area of the country. let's take a look at the data. the first thing you'll notice is the surge in jobless claims. the trouble here, folks, is we don't really know what's happening with the underlying trend. it was very well contained going in in the 350, 360 area. is some of that weakness in the overall economy or as the labor department suggests, a big chunk of that from the storm. empire state survey, better than expectations. cpi and food energy not affected yet though there does tend to be a pop in prices after big storms like this. it is the philly fed survey that well und
vian jewelers in new york city. he says that thieves are so brazen, they'll even target jewelers in new york's heavily fortified diamond district. >> they say there are more police officers on the street here than anywhere else in new york, and the reason is, it's not safe to be out here without a police officer. a lot of these guys are retired. look over to the left there. see the guy with the hat on? >> right. >> retired cop, bet you anything there to protect that fedex delivery person. >> turns out he was right. but loebl learned all of this the hard way. in 1999, he was followed leaving a department store in cincinnati. after waving off his police escort, he stopped at this restaurant. when he came out, a van screeched up next to his car. >> how many of them were there? >> five. >> how much did they get? >> they got over $5 million. >> it's a pretty good haul. >> it's a frightening-- it's a frightening haul. >> in 2003, south american gangs were responsible for 195 jewelry robberies, stealing more than $50 million in merchandise. this video, taken from a police helicopter, shows one
to the flooding of new york city's subway system and tunnels. also power outages. new york will bear most of the costs white the rest goes to other states. >> combination of tax hikes and government spending cuts, business groups including fortune 500 ceos and u.s. chamber of commerce affecting the best particles to solve the issue. >> we know your attention is really focused today. one more sorry perhaps you want to leave people with? >> one more story before we go. the bunnies are coming to indiat to leave people with? >> one more story before we go. the bunnies are coming to india to leave people with? >> one more story before we go. the bunnies are coming to india. the country's first playboy club. but no short shorts. the club's operator says the iconic waitress bunny costumes will be redesigneded to meet indian sense abilities. the first clubs will open. >> your focus is short shorts. focus on a different are tkind shorts. the regulations have huge implications. people will be able to know which henk fudge funds have sho and why. >> there will be a lot more jobs discussion. we hope
catherine wild, president and ceo of the partnership for new york city. and deputy chair of the board of the new york fed. cathie, thanks for weighing in here. your reaction to these results tonight? >> well, we're looking forward to getting started on solving american problems. in the next few weeks. in the last week we've proven in new york there is no republican or democratic response to a hurricane. we've worked together to solve that crisis and as you pointed out with speaker after speaker tonight, the crisis facing america on january 1st is the disaster of the fiscal cliff that if we go over it as far as the business community is concerned, that is a permanent stain on america's role in the global economy. we got the notice last week from the g-20 when the heads of finance of the countries of the world stood up and said, america, if you go over this cliff you're going to send us into a double dip recession. we have to make sure we do something about this and we're glad the country can come together to solve a problem of flooding, of a hurricane. we can come together to solve the
from democracy plaza in new york city. >> on the virginia thing, absolutely, the northern suburbs a new ball game. you grew up in virginia. >> i did. >> i lived there when i worked in the administration. two other key points, the tidewater region where the military spending and the across the board budget sequester is a huge issue and in the southwest part of virginia, the coal industry is another huge issue. >> interesting to see we are seeing the projected winners in indiana and kentucky being amid romney here. does this tell you anything about what's to come? >> i think it does. i think there's momentum here that's difficult to poll and some of these states will give us early indications. >> steve liesman, now as we go along, continuing to see these poll closings, in fact we've got a total of six poll closings at 7:00, but at 7:30 we will find out ohio, which, of course, has been so contested. >> my best guess is we're not going to find out ohio. >> at 7:30. when the polls close. >> and it's a good thing to see the lines are out there. the enthusiasm is out there. and, you know, i th
'easter. the bull's-eye is on the new york city area once again. the forecasts say it is intensifying and quickly. i'm tyler mathisen. sue herera is back with us. she's at the new york stock exchange. >>> we will get to the markets in just a few moments but first, the weather channel's on the next storm that is about to hit the northeast. i just hope we don't need for the recovery area along the east coast right now but we are looking at a full blown nor'easter in the wednesday to thursday time frame. let me show you one of our computer models here to outline just what's going to happen. talking about a low pressure system developing along the southeast coast here that's going to intensify as it moves northward. by wednesday morning rain and wind in to the new jersey and new york area. then, unfortunately, as we get into wednesday evening, this storm intensifies to a point that we're going to see greater than 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts into the new york city area right along the jersey coast. this green area here, a lot of rain as well. rain, wind, temperatures in the 40s. just really rough for thos
friday, the day after thanksgiving. but for consumers in the new york city area, finding that perfect holiday gift may not be the first thing on their minds. they're continuing to clean up after hurricane sandy. before the storm struck, a majority of chains were fairly confident about the holidays expecting sales to be the same or better than last year. joining us now is executive vice president of the retail council of new york. ted, good morning. we spoke with you last just after the storm. and your sense wasn't clear yet as to what the impact would be. and that ben foit a home dae poe and the other suppliers or would it hurt results for retailers broadly speaking. do you have anymore clarity on the issue today? >> i think going into the holiday season, it's always neb's guess how it will go. this puts such a huge unknown into an already unknowable factor. and i think as you just mentioned as the home improvement stores will probably do a little bit better particularly in the new york city long island new jersey westchester areas, simply because it's a fact of life down there now an
like new york city and down towards philly, probably post-lunch time on wednesday. what we're going to find with this storm system which sticks around through much of thursday and finally starts to scoot away thursday night is that we're going to have some 50 plus-mile-an-hour wind gusts associated with this and we could see potential, this is still subject to range, 2 to 3 inch rainfall amounts along the coastline and snow for the higher elevations. we'll be talking about the berkshires, the adirondacks, again, the highest elevation snow. the low elevation snowfall we leave will be limited. but we want folk to be aware of the rain and wind and coastal e erosion. again here is our case in point system which is very much on the move between today as well as tomorrow. right now not a whole lot happening across the northeast. it's going to be a sunny but cool day with p its till running about 10, 12 degrees below average. meanwhile in the west, it's a huge temperature divide while much of the east coast is seeing the cool temperatures. the west is very warm with 10 to 20 degree above
in new york city. more than 50 million viewers expected to watch the parade tomorrow morning. yeah, this is part of the traffic nightmare out there right now. stay with us. >>> time to toast today's close with this. will the earliest thanksgiving in five years affect the number of shoppers looking to jump start their holiday shopping on black friday weekend? we'll tell you next. [ male announcer ] trading's like a high-speed train. and you don't want to miss it with thinkorswim by td ameritrade. you get knock-your-socks-off tools, simple one-click orders, real-time paper trading to hone your skills, plus anytime you need it support. ♪ stocks, options, futures, and forex. get your trading on track. thinkorswim by td ameritrade. trade commission free for 60 days, plus get up to $600 when you open an account. >>> to toast today's market close, we asked, how many americans will be shopping this thanksgiving weekend? 147 million. that's down a little more than 3% from last year according to the national retail federation. close to 79 million people plan to stay home this year avoiding
. >>> next, the amazing story behind the sale of a $54 million new york city apartment. yes, one apartment. $54 million. >>> and there are two things it doesn't do much good to watch on your dvr. live stock market coverage and also sports coverage. that's why two of the biggest names in media, sports and entertainment, may be about to do a deal. julia. >>> i'm julia boorstin. rupert murdoch and news corp. making a play for the new york yankees cable network. that's not all though. there's a bigger plan in the works. i'm tell you what it is next on "power lunch." >>> if congress fails to save the u.s. economy from the fiscal cliff, the epa will face a budget cut of over $716 million in 2013 which is $105 million less than the agency's current 2012 level. ♪ [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white house, it's about who lives in the yellow house, the green, and the apartment house, too. today we not only honor the oval office, but we honor the cubicle, and the home office as well. because today it's about all of us. and no matter who you are, you're the command
in new york city. to find out where they stand on the fiscal cliff and the economy. here's what they told her. >> everyone is concerned all around the world. i think it's going to take -- and i'm not an economist, but listening to what everyone says, people i have great respect for -- it's going to take time and so much depends on what happens in europe and in asia and it's not just what happens in the u.s. but i still think that shouldn't discourage people from wanting to succeed and i think they have to be confident that you can do well even in tough times. >> i think we're always a bit scared about where the economy is globally and i think i'm not different from that. we just hope that it gets back on the right track and hopefully that's where it's going. >> i think it really causes the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive because people are no longer looking at the old mechanisms and the old ways that people are worried about wall street so they're not looking at wall street as a road. when they're thinking about finance, they're thinking about it in other ways. when they're thinking abou
the trading floor, this is "fast money." >> live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. it is almost here. we are now just hours away from americans heading to the polls. the presidential campaigns entering the home stretch. cnbc's john harwood has made it down to the nasdaq. he's got the latest from camp obama as well as camp romney. john? >> melissa, this thing is going down to the wire. the candidates have been crisscrossing the swing states for the last 24 hours -- wisconsin, florida, virginia, ohio, all the places that matter. let's take a look first at the national polls. our last poll shows 48% for obama, 47% for mitt romney. the president inching ahead. the same thing has happened in some other national polls. more importantly for the president, look at the swing state numbers. start with the state of virginia, 13 electoral votes. the president's got a one-point lead, 48-47. in florida, with 29 electoral votes, a state mitt romney absolutely has to have, president obama leads by two points-47. and in ohio, the ultimate hinge point in this electi
could be profitable for. >> all right. a pop for the concrete jungle. sometimes new york city can be a wild place. staten island residents were shocked to see a full-grown zebra chasing a pony down a busy street. the elusive e kwiens escaped from their enclosure and decided to take a lap down, appropriately named, victory boulevard. after earning their stripes, the zebra and pony were returned unharmed. >> is that a male zebra chasing -- >> are they different -- i mean -- >> zebras don't know. i'm just saying. >> i've seen that strange couples thing. just saying. >>> coming up next, guy and his suspenders will take a victory lap. he also has some explaining to do. find out as we hit the good, the bad, and the ugly. stay tuned. at merrill lynch, we understand the importance of your goals. today, our financial advisors lead from a new position of strength. together with bank of america, they have access to more resources than ever before. a steadfast commitment to help you achieve your financial goals in life. that's the power of the right advisor. that's merrill lynch. >>> let's ge
market site in new york city's times scare, i'm melissa lee. mastering mobile. it's tripped up many chip makers. we have a conversation with the ceo of qualcomm. "breaking dawn 2" opens nationwide tomorrow. lionsgate vice chairman tells us what the company needs for the bottom line. what the unrest could mean for the markets. but first, our top story. that is the markets extending their selloffs. the s&p 500 now down nearly 8% in two months. the nasdaq 100 down 11%, firmly in correction territory. the s&p 500 has lost more than $600 billion in market cap since the president was re-elected. so the markets here? >> there's no real reason to rush in. why don't you just wait another month, month and a half or so and see how it all plays out. to me, you're looking at higher taxes and a timeline that is not conni conducive to a fix. the market needs a long-term fix. entitlements are the biggest issue and they don't have enough time to fix it. >> in terms of technicals, another select death match is out there. we're going to grind possibly lower do. the technicals matter in this weird situation
. >> he's new york city. >> he just endorsed obama. but to say i'm endorsing obama because of sandy and climate change it's totally irresponsible. the intergovernmental panel, blah, blah, blah, on climate, they would never tie a single event to try to do that. it's ludicrous, it's embarrassing for him to do that. it's just clearly to me anyway i think he's jumped the shark with the 16 ounce but you go back again with the third term. i thought he was going to run for a third term so he might come back, too. >> when we return we'll talk more about the road to recovery. for some it's waiting for hours in line for gasoline to keep their cars and generators running. we'll talk to one observer the potential crisis the east coast could have growing right now. >>> as we inch closer to the october jobs report mark zandi will join us for the countdown as our guest host for two hours today. "squawk box" returns after this message. >>> the countdown is on. it's the final employment report before the election, and we are on the job. get the pick from our experts on what the numbers could mean fo
stocking stuffers. a look at apple's flagship store in new york city. it looks like an average day, right? stick around for more on the ho hottest gadgets for holidays and bulls rule near the holiday season in 2011. can we expect another santa claus rally this year? more "squawk on the street" more "squawk on the street" coming right back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. i'm going b-i-g. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. go national. go like a pro. [ male announcer ] good choice business pro. good choice. you know it can be hard to lbreathe, and how that feels.e, copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does bo
're in fashion. the action begins now. >>> welcome f rom the nasdaq market site in the heart of new york city's times square, i'm melissa levy. these are the trades and stocks closing on the highs of the today. only stock america is watching right now, apple. it reversed and closed flat for the session, setting up for an apple rally. analysts what did you make of the action? >> i was trading a lot of apple today, you can follow us on twitter and on the site. we were buying call spreads yes, buying more today. we were looking for cap it lags that says, i just want out, painful, painful press action. >> it's a big swoop down. >> this was the largest volume since march, the middle of march on apple. we saw it on a rapid, down $10, up $10, over the course of 30 minutes, a short-term bottom. this doesn't mean happy days are here again and apple is going back to 700. no way do i think apple hits 700 again. but it's a short-term bottom. >> the relative strength in apple hit the weakest point. we saw a quick 15% rally. apple such a big component of the market, everybody sitting here assuming that the
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